Details Price Qty
Administrator Adventures, Advancement & Accountability 101 (2.25 NAB Approved Hours)show details + $55.00 (USD)  
Promoting a Culture of Excellence in Healthcare (8.25 Approved Hours)show details + $175.00 (USD)  
Safety & Health - Rights & Responsibilities (4.25 NAB Approved Hours)show details + $100.00 (USD)  
Stress Management During Challenging Circumstances While Enhancing Quality of Care (8.5 NAB Approved Hours)show details + $180.00 (USD)  
Strengthening Productivity & Resilience While Creating Memorable Moments (6.25 NAB Approved Hours)show details + $135.00 (USD)  
Remember the Journey (6.25 NAB Approved Hours)show details + $135.00 (USD)  
18 Hour Packet (Remember the Journey, Promoting a Culture of Excellence, Safety & Health)show details + $395.00 (USD)  
24 Hour Packet (Remember the Journey, Strengthening Productivity & Resilience, Promoting a Culture of Excellence, and Safety & Health)show details + $525.00 (USD)  
27 Hour Packet (Remember the Journey/Strengthening Productivity & Resilience/Promoting a Culture of Excellence/Safety & Health/Administrator Adventures)show details + $575.00 (USD)  

  • Available Distance Learning Courses
    September 29, 2021 - January 1, 2023
    12:00 am

Each of these courses are available in the form of packets that will be mailed to you directly. In each packet, you will review the information, complete the Post-Test & Evaluation, and return them to us (email, fax or mail).  We will email you a certificate with the NAB Approval Number and the Completion Date. These classes provide information you will want to share with your team during in-services.  The courses are up-to-date with current issues that our healthcare teams are experiencing. Hundreds of Administrators have already taken advantage of these learning opportunities. Administrators have found this to be a very positive learning experience and a great way to earn required continuing education credits while we are all navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic and Recovery.